Previously Benji York wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Wichert Akkerman <> wrote:
> > I want to suggest two changes to the standard release process:
> >
> > 1. use "sdist --formats=zip". This works around a nasty bug in the
> >   python 2.4 tarfile module which makes it skip files with a
> >   path of a specific length. This can make a release impossible to use.
> The bug you refer to is indeed nasty, but (IIRC) was fixed in later
> releases of 2.4.  I'd rather not add yet another thing people have to
> remember to do to make a release for the benefit of such a small
> minority of end-users.

It was introduced in the last release of 2.4. As far as I know there are
no plans to make a new 2.4 point release.

> > 2. forbid the use of __file__ in This breaks on systems
> >   which do not have setuptools installed globally but rely on a
> >   (zc.buildout-created) wrapper script. __file__ will point
> >   to the wrapper script in those instances, which breaks
> Is there something zc.buildout or setuptools can do differently that
> will mitigate this?

I don't know I'm afraid.


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