Hi there,

What do people feel about dropping Python 2.4 support in the Zope 
Toolkit? I.e. new releases of packages in the Zope Toolkit (handwave 
vaguely as we *still* don't have a canonical list) only have to work in 
Python 2.5 (and preferably 2.6), not Python 2.4 anymore.

(this won't affect Zope 3.4 or below)

One issue that came up recently was that .tgz releases to PyPI sometimes 
break with Python 2.4 due to a bug in Python 2.4. Using --zip is a 
workaround. And Plone currently depends on Python 2.4. Is it possible to 
work around this by *also* uploading a zip if we discover there's a 
problem with a package and it's pointed out there? If not, are there 
other workarounds?

What do Zope 2 and Plone people in general think about moving to Python 
2.5 for the newer releases? I'll note we're shuffling around the 
dependency structure so much in the Zope Toolkit it's unlikely 
everything will remain compatible for that reason as well.



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