Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> What would be disappointing?
> To be unable to use new packages from an updated Zope Toolkit.
> It may be that some (many?) packages won't work with Zope 2.10, but if 
> we get the kind of dependency isolation we're talking about, I'd wager 
> that quite a few packages would work if pulled in independently.

Probably less than you think, unless you pulled in *all* of the new 
packages. If not, you tend to get loops where package A depends on B 
which depends on (which got moved to A, but B doesn't know that 
are you only use the new A, not the new B). And then you'll pull in 
other versions of the same code that now lives in A, and tests will break.

> It's also generally silly to break compatibility with a platform if 
> there's not a compelling reason to do so. I suspect there may be 
> compelling reasons, but the TAR file issue isn't one of them.

The reasons would be the familiar ones of "we have limited resources" 
combined with "we got to get a move on to Python 2.6, and then possibly 
on to Python 3, probably through 2.7", with a dash of "it'd be cool to 
be able to use the 'with' statement" and "some packages might only work 
in Python 2.5".

Compelling? That depends on whether any of the objections to such a move 
are compelling enough. :)



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