Benji York wrote:
> I'm interested in any feedback and/or questions you may have be it
> technical, documentation, or "marketing" (i.e., how do I describe what
> Manuel does and what benefits it has).

Hi Benji,

This looks really great :-)

One thing you may have solved already, but if not would make a fantastic 
addition is a plugin that writes matching sections to a file.

So, rather than having the following in a doctest:

 >>> f = open(os.path.join('mytempdir','myfile.zcml'),'w')
 >>> f.write('''
 >>> <configure xmlns="";>
 >>> blah blah blah
 >>> </configure>
 >>> '''.strip())
 >>> f.close()
 >>> zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file(join('mytempdir','myfile.zxml'))

I could have:

.. file:: myfile.zcml

<configure xmlns="";>
blah blah blah

 >>> zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file(join('mytempdir','myfile.zxml'))

...with bonus points for telling me how to get this to render nicely 
with Sphinx into a box with the file contents in it and a caption of the 
file name :-)



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