Benji York wrote:
> --- begin quote ---
> Contents of myfile.zcml::
>     <configure xmlns="";>
>     blah blah blah
>     </configure>
> .. -> config
>     >>> import tmpfile
>     >>> f = tmpfile.mkstemp()
>     >>> f.write(config)
>     >>> f.close()

Okay, but this looks like I'd have to write the above every time I 
wanted to save a file *and* the saving code would show in the docs, or 
am I missing something?

> I could imagine a plug-in that understood the Sphinx
> "..  literalinclude:: example.file" directive and made the included
> lines available in a variable.  That might be handy when you *really*
> want to keep a file on-disk but still include part or all of it in a
> document.

I kind-of want the opposite of that. I want an easy, clean way to write 
chunks from my docs to files in a temporary directory such that the code 
being tested/documented can get at them.

This is for testing things that inherently run on files (eg: zc.buildout 
recipies and the like).

In fact, thinking about it, it'd be great if there were two plugins:

- one to write files that code being tested could access from disk

- one to read files that code being tested had output and check their 
contents were as expected.

Do you see what I mean?



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