Benji York wrote:

> I've just released the first beta of Manuel, my next-generation doctest
> project.

Many thanks for the ideas and work you put in manuel!

> I'm interested in any feedback and/or questions you may have be it
> technical, documentation, or "marketing" (i.e., how do I describe what
> Manuel does and what benefits it has).

I have a technical comment: If you want to use manuel for writing some
test logic that works region by region (which I suspect is a rather
standard use case), you have to do some boilerplate wiring that involves
iterating over region and making sure that you really only evaluate
matching regions and format your own results. It would be nice to have a
way to create a Manuel object from just some matching expressions and code
that applies to a single example.

To see what I mean, you might take a look at tl.testing (the cairo
module). The code there is split up into testing logic that compares cairo
surfaces to images of the expectations (the Test and Result classes) and a
Manuel class that just ties it all up. To have something like that Manuel
class provided by the manuel package would be quite helpful.

That module also defines its own doc file suite, mainly in order to have a
test suite factory with all the features of the standard (or rather,
zope.testing) doc test suite. To have a more elaborate doc file suite
available from manuel would also be good.


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