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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> On 8/6/09 11:35 , Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
>> I propose a (very) simple policy, which we can use to improve the current
>> situation:
>>   * a package is part of the ZTK if the following criteria are met:
>>     - It has at least N zope developers (with commit rights) who
>>       explicitly expressed interest in maintaining the package (because they
>>       use it in their projects, for example); N>  1, at least;
>>     - All its dependencies (excluding testing dependencies) are part of the
>>       ZTK;
>>   * we have to ensure, using automated testing, that each package:
>>     - has no test failures;
>>     - does not introduce test failures in any of the other ZTK packages;
>>   * the ZTK KGS only includes the packages that are part of the ZTK; we will
>>     provide an extended KGS (which uses the ZTK KGS) with more packages if
>>     needed.
> How about another one:
>   * the package has to be usable with all of Zope 2, grok and the Zope 3
>     application server
> That guarantees the stated goal that ZTK is reusable.

I would restrict it to the "big toolkit" set which is "used by" those
three, rather than "usable with" them.  Packages which aren't actually
used by those frameworks are objectively less well supported, even if
some developers use them for some apps built on top of the frameworks.

The difference is that lots of people are going to *notice* breakage in
my proposed set.

There are smaller subsets of this group (e.g., my "bicycle-seat ZTK")
which are also useful to document.

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