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Fred Drake wrote:
> 2009/8/6 Fabio Tranchitella <kob...@kobold.it>:
>> Am I correct saying that your idea is to restrict the ZTK to the packages
>> defined as the intersection of the dependencies of zope2, zope3 and grok?
>>  ZTK = intersection ( zope2-dependencies , zope3-dependencies, grok )
> That's my understanding of what Tres wrote.

I'm not actually sure I even mean "zope3-dependencies":  I don't know
how maintained the thing known as the "Zope 3 Appserver" really is
today.  In particular, I would exclude any package in the zope.app.*
namespace which is not also used by either grok or Zope2.

So, my algorithm would be more like this:

 counts = {}
 for package_set in zope3, grok, zope2:
     for package in package_set:
         current = counts.setdefault(package, 0)
         counts[package] = current + 1
 ztk = [x[0] for x in counts if x[1] > 1]

>> I don't think this definition fits our needs, but my skills on gron and
>> zope2 are too limited to bring counterexamples.
> This, however, is more readily achievable, and provides a good
> foundation for each of the other projects mentioned to build from.
> This sounds like the right starting point to me.

The ZTK is supposed to be a *base* for the other platforms to use, and
to represent the portions of the code which are not specific to any
single platform.

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