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> Hey,
> Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 09:53:51AM -0400, Benji York wrote:
>>> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 9:07 AM, Marius Gedminas  
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>>>> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 04:23:31PM -0400, Benji York wrote:
>>>>> 3) [no] superfluous version bumps on the trunk
>>>> I don't understand this one.  Could you elaborate?
>>> The current practice is that after doing a release you have to  
>>> change
>>> the trunk version to the next release number (a version bump).
>> Right, but where does the "superfluous" come from?  You'd have to  
>> change
>> it to 0 anywa...
>> Ah, I just realized that you do the version change on the branch/ 
>> tag, so
>> trunk always stays at version 0.
>> (I don't do that out of principle that tags ought not to be modified;
>> and besides in other VCSes they can't be.)
> That's an interesting point. So if we were to adopt another version
> control system, the 0 policy wouldn't be much of a win anymore.  
> Perhaps
> Gary can tell us whether this would work with bzr?

bzr supports a classic definition of tags--identifying a specific  
revision.   If it's of interest or help, I include the help text for  
the "tag" command at the end of my message.

(The way we accomplish tagging in svn is by bringing our own semantics  
to certain names, of course.  svn doesn't help us do that inherently,  
it's just convention.  Because that's essentially a feature of being  
able to name stuff, you can do similar tricks with bzr--I'd make a  
branch for a tag if we were were following that pattern.)


$ bzr help tag
Purpose: Create, remove or modify a tag naming a revision.
Usage:   bzr tag TAG_NAME

   --force               Replace existing tags.
   -v, --verbose         Display more information.
   -h, --help            Show help message.
   -q, --quiet           Only display errors and warnings.
   -d ARG, --directory=ARG
                         Branch in which to place the tag.
   --usage               Show usage message and options.
   -r ARG, --revision=ARG
                         See "help revisionspec" for details.
   --delete              Delete this tag rather than placing it.

   Tags give human-meaningful names to revisions.  Commands that take  
a -r
   (--revision) option can be given -rtag:X, where X is any previously
   created tag.

   Tags are stored in the branch.  Tags are copied from one branch to  
   along when you branch, push, pull or merge.

   It is an error to give a tag name that already exists unless you pass
   --force, in which case the tag is moved to point to the new revision.

   To rename a tag (change the name but keep it on the same revsion),  
run ``bzr
   tag new-name -r tag:old-name`` and then ``bzr tag --delete oldname``.

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