Gary Poster wrote:
> ...Mmm, what Marius describes works for me, I believe.  I've  
> definitely used that trick and showed it to others, at least.  Maybe  
> it worked by mistake?  /me wonders if he was doing something wrong, or  
> if he remembersbut doesn't take the time to try it again right now.

I'd worked for me too, but perhaps it just works by random chance. :)

> zest.releaser might be good, dunno.

I was skeptical of using release helpers, but then I used zest.releaser 
and I haven't looked back. A friend of mine had the same experience.

> Also, since I'm also in the " should be able to specify  
> minimum versions" camp (admittedly unlike others, such as Benji, to my  
> continued surprise),

Doing this is official ZTK policy, actually. (though bugfix versions are 
too fine-grained to require in this policy)

> That said, I don't this is worth a big argument, or even a big  
> discussion (or even this email? :-).  If the Zope triumverate or  
> whatever it is these days changes the release document, so be it. :-)

It didn't think our release policy was worth any argument - I thought we 
had people on board with it by now. But apparently I was wrong.



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