On Sep 15, 2009, at 7:59 AM, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> On 9/15/09 13:56 , Gary Poster wrote:
>> 2) Our current arrangement, as well as many others, can be  
>> accomplished
>> with a DVCS. Launchpad + Bzr definitely support this. You would  
>> have a
>> Launchpad team of committers, with managed membership; and have the
>> official branches owned and controlled by this team.
> Indeed, but most people do not do that. With our current setup once  
> you get commit privileges you immediately have access to an entire  
> world of things. With DVCS hosting systems that people use you have  
> would have to request access for every single package. That is  
> cumbersome and adds a lot of delay so people don't do that and fork  
> instead. The end result is a lot more forks, half of which will  
> probably never be merged back or seen by others.

Perhaps that is the way other systems work; again, I can only vouch  
for Bzr/Launchpad, and your description is incorrect for us.

With Bzr/Launchpad, a single time for each project, you would  
designate an appropriate committer team as having commit privileges  
for that project.  Then, for each person that should be able to commit  
to all of the projects, you add them to that team.

This is how we have our open-source Zope-friendly lazr.* packages set  
up.  We have a single team for committers, which has privileges for  
all of our lazr.* packages.  When a new person should be able to  
commit to all of the packages in the lazr.* effort, we just add them  
to that team.
See, for instance, the trunk of lazr.delegates: 
  .  You simply need to be added to lazr-developers ( 
  ) in order to commit to this and any of the other similarly- 
configured lazr.* projects.


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