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Thomas Lotze wrote:

> - The last release of zope.error doesn't have all dependencies declared
>   while work has been done on the trunk to fix that. Is there a specific
>   reason why no new release has been made since?

Likely somebody thought there was remaining work to be done.

> - zope.error depends on zope.container solely in order for the error
>   reporting utility to be able to subclass Contained, which in turn calls
>   itself a silly mix-in class. Also, zope.error makes no use of the fact
>   that the utility is Contained. Should the Contained support be dropped
>   or somehow made conditional on whether zope.container is available?

+1 for dropping Contained.  +0 for making it conditional.

> - zope.error depends on zope.publisher which is only used by the tests in
>   order to provide a request object from which to read some information
>   for the error log. However, the code that reads that information is
>   rather liberal as to what the request actually is, and doesn't
>   technically require it to be a zope.publisher HTTP request. I think this
>   should be made more consistent by either making the error logging code
>   stricter or using a minimal request object in the tests. Opinions?

+sys.maxint to using a mock request object, and dropping the dependency.

> Cutting the dependency on zope.container would drop the total number of
> dependencies of zope.error (trunk) from 30 to 22, additionally cutting the
> dependency on zope.publisher would make it 10.

Good start. :)

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