Tres Seaver wrote:

>> - zope.error depends on zope.container solely in order for the error
>>   reporting utility to be able to subclass Contained, which in turn
>>   calls itself a silly mix-in class. Also, zope.error makes no use of
>>   the fact that the utility is Contained. Should the Contained support
>>   be dropped or somehow made conditional on whether zope.container is
>>   available?
> +1 for dropping Contained.  +0 for making it conditional.

I've dropped the dependency on the Contained mix-in class but not the fact
of the utility being contained: it now implements
zope.location.interfaces.ILocation directly. This means I've dropped the
package dependency on zope.container but kept one on zope.location.

> +sys.maxint to using a mock request object, and dropping the dependency.


I think I'll release the current zope.error later today so people get the
benefit of the lighter dependencies.


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