- The last release of zope.error doesn't have all dependencies declared
  while work has been done on the trunk to fix that. Is there a specific
  reason why no new release has been made since?

- zope.error depends on zope.container solely in order for the error
  reporting utility to be able to subclass Contained, which in turn calls
  itself a silly mix-in class. Also, zope.error makes no use of the fact
  that the utility is Contained. Should the Contained support be dropped
  or somehow made conditional on whether zope.container is available?

- zope.error depends on zope.publisher which is only used by the tests in
  order to provide a request object from which to read some information
  for the error log. However, the code that reads that information is
  rather liberal as to what the request actually is, and doesn't
  technically require it to be a zope.publisher HTTP request. I think this
  should be made more consistent by either making the error logging code
  stricter or using a minimal request object in the tests. Opinions?

Cutting the dependency on zope.container would drop the total number of
dependencies of zope.error (trunk) from 30 to 22, additionally cutting the
dependency on zope.publisher would make it 10.


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