Thomas Lotze wrote:
> Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> I'm +1 on this decision, and would also like to announce that I have
>> cleaned up my Python3 compatible branch of zope.interface. Even though the
>> decision now is to only add new stuff and not break any backwards
>> compatibility I think adding the Python 3 support into 4.0 would be a good
>> time to add this anyway, so we get all API changes at once, even if they
>> are fully backwards compatible.
> Do we still want to call the new release 4.0 if no backwards-incompatible
> change is going to be made?

I think it's okay to call it 4.0. While it's not incompatible, it will 
have major practical differences in usage. We should also have better 
documentation at that point. :)

We'll also need to see what Gary's underlying refactoring work comes up 
with. It's quite possible it won't land in time or it'll be done outside 
of zope.component, but who knows.

We can delay the final decision nearer to the actual release of these 



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