In the effort to port the component architecture to Python 3, some
progress has been done. I think zope.interface and zope.exception is
ready for some serious testing and zope.event is so trivial it doesn't
need any testing. :) Time had therefore come to zope.testing. Why
zope.testing? Because most components in zope.* uses zc.buildout, and
zc.buildouts tests uses zope.testing. But of course we here have a
bootstrapping problem, zope.testing of course also uses buildout.

In zope.interface and zope.exception I fixed this by adding a
test_suite parameter to setup(), so that the tests can be run with
"python test". However, with zope.testing this doesn't work,
for some reason. Many tests fail when you run the testing through, even though they work when run with a bin/test generated by

I'm stumped as to why this is, the changes are very strange, such as
two temporary files being created in the buildout case, but only one
in the setuptoold case. Very strange.

Any insight into breaking this catch 22 is welcome, so we can port
zope.testing to Python 3, and then get on to zc.buildout and then
zope.component, and then the rest should be (in comparison) easy
(although a lot of work).
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