Lennart Regebro wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 02:53, Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com> wrote:
>> I have checked in a branch which makes failed adaptation (inside the
>> __call__ of an interface) raise a LookupError instead of a TypeError:
>> the branch also documents the semantics of __call__.  I would like to
>> merge this to the trunk a 3.6.0 version (bumped to indicate the
>> quasi-API change).
> I'm +-0 on the change, but don't think it's a quasi-API change, but a
> proper API-change. If we do it, would it be a better idea to do it
> together with all other API changes that are planned, and call it 4.0?
> The Python 3 branch is ready for merging, and I personally think that
> although it's completely backwards compatible the changes are big
> enough, and the addition of @implementor as a class decorator is yet
> another API-change.

If you can coordinate it with Thomas and such I'm +1 on merging the Py3K 
together with the utility/adapt changes into a 4.0. But I'm still a bit 
unsure about changing that error message.

I believe very strongly we should not let the Python 3.0 transition 
moment be the same moment we do big changes to existing APIs that can 
break compatibility. Whether this warrants as a "big change" I don't know..

> I'd love to see the Python 3 branch, the adapt()/utility() and
> possibly this change all go into a new release. zope.testing is also
> big enough change to warrant a 4.0, as I have removed
> zope.testing.doctest. 

Is there a backwards compatibility import? If the pattern has been just 
a normal feature release. Or did you also fix 3k support for zope.testing?

> Maybe all Python 3 compatible releases shuld be
> called 4.0? Or will this confuse people?

I don't know yet. :)



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