Marius Gedminas wrote:
> So, what's the way forward for existing Zope 3.4 (KGS) users?
> Rewrite our apps so we don't depend on anything in zope.app and switch
> to the ZTK?

That's not possible as far as I can see, as the Zope 3.4 KGS doesn't 
support this. No zope.container yet, for instance, so no way to get rid 
of zope.app.container. It's only possible to start such an app rewrite 
once you're on the ZTK. (we don't know whether it's possible to complete 
such a rewrite. we will have to see)

> Band together and release a Zope 3.5 KGS, which would be a strict
> superset of the ZTK 1.0?

> Band together and release a ZopeApp 1.0 KGS which would be a strict
> superset of the ZTK 1.0?  

Yes. Possibly a Zope 3.5 KGS that extends that further, I'm not sure.

> (In which case, why not call it Zope 3.5 KGS?)

Because Grok can use the ZopeApp 1.0 KGS as well. So can Zope 2 users 
who need to upgrade away from zope.app packages. (I think!)

> Forget all this open-source sharing stuff and maintain our own separate
> versions.cfg files with ad-hoc version mixes?

I'm trying to remember this open source sharing stuff and avoid ad-hoc 
version mixes where we can.

> Personally, I'd prefer option 1 (if there were docs to tell me what to
> do to get rid of zope.app, which is implausible) or option 2.

I prefer option 3 (ZopeApp KGS), because there's a greater opportunity 
for that old open source sharing thing. And also because it would help 
us get rid of the somewhat confusing "Zope 3" terminology.



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