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> On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 3:56 AM, Baiju M <mba...@zeomega.com> wrote:
>>         I would like to get your opinion about this position statement,
>> as it involve the wider Zope ecosystem.  However, we tried to be
>> diplomatic about other project's relationship with ZTK as we don't
>> want to claim anything about others:
>> http://wiki.zope.org/bluebream/BlueBreamName
> Two things:
> - Repoze is a brand name like Zope but not a particular project. BFG
> is a web application framework. BFG was certainly never based on Zope
> 3. But even the claim that it is based on the ZTK is far fetched. It
> depends on zope.component, zope.configuration and their dependencies.
> That's similar to Twisted depending on zope.interface or TurboGears
> depending on zope.sqlalchemy and transaction. Presenting it as if the
> dependency of BFG onto the ZTK is similar in scope to Grok or Zope2 is
> misleading.
> - Plone isn't a web application framework but a specific application.
> Zope 2 is a web application framework. If you want to include Plone
> into the graph, you have to put it at a different level than the other
> things. And both the dependency on Zope 3 and the ZTK are mediated via
> the Zope 2 dependency.
> So a 2010 graph should read more like:
> Plone
> Zope2    Grok    BlueBream    BFG
> Where there's a direct line from BFG to ZCA bypassing the ZTK. In the
> 2008 version ZTK would be Zope 3 with BlueBream missing.

Thanks for the feedback. I have changed the Repoze to BFG.

But the lines are just to indicate that there is some relation.
We tried to be very careful when talking about the relation
as we don't want to claim anything, at the same time,
it doesn't contradict anything in reality:

For example:

"Over time, other web frameworks, such as Grok / BFG evolved around
Zope 3, which primarily utilize certain library packages from Zope 3
and don't make use of the Zope 3 application server."

In the case of Plone also, it's very true:

"Other products, such as Plone also started to make use of the Zope 3
component architecture and the accompanied packages"

Also we emphasized:

"We cannot officially speak for other projects, so you can check their
documentation to understand the relationship with ZTK"

Sorry, we don't have any plan to show the exact relationship between projects.

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