Fred Drake wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 7:29 AM, Martin Aspeli<>  
> wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure it is. The pdb rabbit hole ended at pyexpat.c. I can't
>> see what's going on there, but when I did 'r' it blew up.
> If you can point me at the ZCML file you were trying to parse (or
> email it to me privately if it's not in a public repository), I'd be
> glad to see what I can turn up.

The one that blew up is,
at least that's what z3c.autoinclude was calling the include directive 
handler on.

> I'll also need to know what version of Python you're using.

It's a fully patched SLES11. I think it's 2.6.4 (it's definitely 2.6), 
though unfortunately I don't have access here on the weekend. I've used 
virtualenv --no-site-packages to get a clean Python (SLES installs all 
kinds of crap in the global site), and then used that to run a buildout.

Not sure how SuSE compiles their Python. One thing to note is that SLES 
has /usr/lib and /usr/lib64. Everything used in our build is (or should 
be to my knowledge) 64-bit, so linked against the 64-bit versions. Then 
again, I've had a lot of trouble getting things to build properly on SLES.

The buildout's got client-specific stuff in it, but a minimal one would 
basically just install Plone + collective.xdv in a 
plone.recipe.zope2instance with the KGS at


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