On 10/6/10 12:49 PM, Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:
> * Jan-Jaap Driessen<jdries...@thehealthagency.com>  [2010-10-05 18:09]:
>> Version 0.12.2 of z3c.recipe.compattest is not compatible with recent
>> versions of it's dependencies zc.buildout (v1.5.1), zc.recipe.egg
>> (v1.3.2) and z3c.recipe.scripts. I fixed this in revision 117253.
>> Is it OK with you to drop compatibility with zc.buildout versions<
>> 1.5 in the next release of z3c.recipe.compattest?
> I'm a little confused what's going on here. Could you explain this with
> a bit more details?
> I think my main questions are
> - Where and when, exactly, did which API change (it's related to recipe
>    options AFAICT from the diff)
> - What does this have to do with buildout 1.5?
> - Is it a) really the case and b) intentional that buildout 1.5 breaks
>    compatibility with 1.4? (Thus, can't this be avoided, possibly by
>    fixing buildout 1.5?)
> I'm all for moving forward, but I don't really understand why the
> 1.5-update should cause such compatibility breakage.

I think in this particular case z3c.recipe.compattest relied on 
zc.buildout internals that now have have changed. So, no, I do not think 
it really is an API change and as such it is not intentional breakage 
nor something that __should__ be fixed in buildout.

Ideally, z3c.recipe.compattest would be fixed in such a way that is does 
make use of official buildout APIs.

Still there's the case that quite some recipes need to be updated to 
zc.buildout 1.5.x if they want to use its new features ("system python 
support"). Grok would really like to (easing beginners-installation for 
example). That's why we try to fix this recipes.

BTW, I discussed updating the z3c.recipe.i18n for similar reasons - to 
support newer buildout features - in a separate thread. There people 
seemed to be +1 on releasing a recipe that declares its minimal buildout 
version requirement to be >= 1.5.1. Would you say that that situation is 
similar to this?

Thanks for your feedback.
regards, jw

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