Laurence Rowe wrote:
> On 2 March 2011 11:29, yuppie<y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>  wrote:
>> Laurence Rowe wrote:
>>> On 2 March 2011 10:00, yuppie<y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>    wrote:
>>>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>>>> I don't know what setPageEncoding() does, though.
>>>> It sets a response Content-Type header with the first charset
>>>> processInputs tries for decoding.
>>> Is the charset of the request necessarily the right choice for the
>>> response? In Plone we always serve UTF-8 encoded.
>> getPreferredCharsets()[0] always returns 'utf-8' **if** UTF-8 is accepted.
>> If 'utf-8' is not in getPreferredCharsets(), it is not very likely that
>> the browser speaks UTF-8 and processInputs will not even try to decode
>> with UTF-8. In that case it might be better to respond with an accepted
>> encoding.
> If you serve differently encoded pages then you should set Vary:
> Accept-Charset.

That seems to be correct. So you found a bug in zope.publisher and 
five.formlib. If they do charset negotiation, they have to set Vary.

> But then without normalization you'd get an explosion
> of different page variations.

AFAICS that normalization can't be done by the server and we can't 
prevent ineffective caching.

> Without the Vary, it means that a visitor can poison the cache by
> supplying (only) a weird charset in Accept-Encoding. The page would
> then be served in this encoding, cached downstream, and if other
> visitor's browsers don't support that charset then they have a
> problem.

That sounds like charset negotiation isn't a good idea and neither 
zope.publisher nor five.formlib should do it.

If we don't negotiate the charset, we should still have a 
setPageEncoding method that overrides the ZPublisher default_encoding 
with UTF-8.

But what does all that mean for the processInputs methods in Five (used 
by five.formlib) and in plone.z3cform?

If we always send UTF-8, their current implementation doesn't make much 
sense to me. Don't know if we really should try to fall back to all the 
charsets mentioned in Accept-Charset. But at least we should *always* 
try UTF-8 decoding first.


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