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>> Agree. There is a problem in that provideAdapter() and friends don't
>> use getSiteManager() - the always use the global site manager. And
>> there are parts of zope.component that use module level variables
>> directly, ignoring hooks.
> These are meant to work this way.
> If you want to do local configuration, you should explictly select the
> relevent registry/manager or call getSiteManager and use the result.

I sortof understand, but it makes it impossible to let people use
provideAdapter() & co in test setup and still retain some kind of
layered test setup, without the kind of hacks we do in plone.testing.

>>>> -- but anyone could at any time
>>>> call getSiteManager.sethook to change it!
>>> Seriously?  Nobody calls that but deep infrastructure code.
>> People do call zope.site.hooks.setHooks() sometimes, though, e.g. upon
>> traversal.
> This was never meant to be an application-level feature. I find the
> notion that people would call these dureing traversal to be
> disturbing.  Are you sure you're not confusing this with setSite?

Sorry, I meant setSite() above yes. Although sometimes people call
setHooks() and then setSite(site) in test setup, because setSite()
doesn't work until setHooks() has been called once. I think this may
sometimes just be cargo-cult, though.

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