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Perhaps I should rephrase
I would like my changes to be merged with the zope.schema trunk. The
tests I've added provide 100% coverage of the TreeVocabulary code.

I've only glanced cursorily at the source but I'm not sure that a merge is okay yet. At least not all of the methods have doc strings and one of them seems to have a doctest. It would be nice to expand the README here. getTerm is a copy of the SimpleVocabulary method. Using the @classmethod decorator is fine but inconsistent with other vocabulary classes. Using the decorator is more readable so I'd suggest changing all relevant methods to do that. Off the top of my head I don't know which Python versions support classmethods. That should be checked in case zope.schema is in a ZTK that is running on Python 2.4

I would just like someone to sign it off.
Should I rather create a ticket on launchpad? Or otherwise, should I just go ahead and merge the changes to trunk?

I would suggest going via launchpad if only because it is a better paper trail. At the moment I'm still not quite sure whether this is required in zope.schema. Do widgets only exist for z3c.form?

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