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On Tue, 2012-01-24 at 15:06 +0100, Charlie Clark wrote:
> Hiya,

> Am 24.01.2012, 12:35 Uhr, schrieb Jan-Carel Brand <li...@opkode.com>:
> > Perhaps I should rephrase
> > I would like my changes to be merged with the zope.schema trunk. The
> > tests I've added provide 100% coverage of the TreeVocabulary code.
> I've only glanced cursorily at the source but I'm not sure that a merge is  
> okay yet. 

Yes, Marius pointed that out as well.

> At least not all of the methods have doc strings and one of them  
> seems to have a doctest. 

I've clarified some of the docstrings and added the missing one.

None have doctests, perhaps you are referring to fromDict, which gives
an example dict to show the required structure.

I guess that could easily be turned into a doctest, I'll look into it.

> It would be nice to expand the README here.  

I don't see anything about vocabs there at all, but I'm willing to add
some tests.

> getTerm is a copy of the SimpleVocabulary method. Using the @classmethod  
> decorator is fine but inconsistent with other vocabulary classes. Using  
> the decorator is more readable so I'd suggest changing all relevant  
> methods to do that. 

Ok, I changed all the other methods to also use the decorator.

> Off the top of my head I don't know which Python  
> versions support classmethods. That should be checked in case zope.schema  
> is in a ZTK that is running on Python 2.4

Doesn't seem to be a problem for Python 2.4:

> > I would just like someone to sign it off.
> > Should I rather create a ticket on launchpad? Or otherwise, should I  
> > just go ahead and merge the changes to trunk?
> I would suggest going via launchpad if only because it is a better paper  
> trail. 


> At the moment I'm still not quite sure whether this is required in  
> zope.schema. 

I think that a zope3 style TreeVocabulary is indeed needed. We use them
quite a bit in Plone (currently only for Archetypes). If not in
zope.schema, then in a separate egg?

> Do widgets only exist for z3c.form?

Well, there wasn't such a widget for z3c.form. The dynatree widget was
for Archetypes. I (and Johan Beyers) ported it to z3c.form.

Thanks for taking the time.

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