On Feb 1, 2012, at 00:05 , Alex Clark wrote:
> Bottom line: Zope stands to benefit greatly if the current active developers 
> keep an open mind about how/where/when development of Zope software should 
> occur. There are plenty of people that still think Zope software is cool, and 
> plenty of skilled developers on github that could potentially help move it 
> forward.

This discussion seems to unnecessarily combine at least two distinct issues:

- what RCS software to use
- where to host it

It may be easier if we disentangled them. 

Speaking purely as a developer, I'm leaning to Git when it comes to the RCS 
software decision between Subversion and Git. But I can use both equally well. 
Where it is hosted, well, purely as a developer it doesn't matter to me, unless 
I need to give up too much personal data to get access.

From the perspective as a Zope Foundation member the RCS software decision is a 
technical detail that doesn't matter much. I'm more concerned with the "where" 
question, though. The Zope Foundation is tasked with safeguarding the software 
released under the Zope Foundation umbrella, and it is tasked with enforcing 
the contributor agreements everyone signed. Commits can only be made by signed 
contributors, and contributors are specifically disallowed to take outside code 
they don't own and commit it to the repository. We already have the technical 
infrastructure in place for most of this, such as ZF-controlled logins on 
svn.zope.org, access only via SSH key, etc. Our current "where" can be fully 
trusted, so to speak, and the people tasked with maintaining this 
infrastructure are known, accountable, and part of the foundation.

My third role is secretary of the Zope Foundation Board of Directors and in 
that role I collect and maintain contributor applications and the (private) 
data associated with it. I can vouch that our current means of storing this 
data is reasonably secure. I can't make that assertion if the data is stored 
somewhere out of Zope Foundation control.

My last role is admin for the ZF infrastructure and servers. In that role I 
would be involved in executing any changes in repository hosting. If only the 
RCS software changes that's a chunk of work, but doable. Git service can be 
added to the ZF infrastructure and packages can be migrated into Git 
repositories, probably on a "as-needed" basis. Most of the current 
authentication and safety infrastructure could stay in place.

On balance and taking all my roles into account, sticking with SVN and the 
current hosting is the most attractive option. Moving to Git in the current 
hosting environment is doable, it means work, but I feel I've done my job 
keeping the software, access to it, and contributor data as secure as possible. 
Any option that involves moving to a different host altogether not only makes 
me feel I haven't done my job, it may also throw up legal questions.


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