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I do think the big issue is where to host it. Yes, fine, people have
opinions on git vs svn vs hg, etc. But that boils down to 25%
technical arguments, 25% what you are used to 25% what everyone else
uses and then 30% religion to make sure the bucket overflows.

Disclaimer : Though I use zope libs every day, I'm not a comitter nor member of foundation.

I'm a bit amazed by this argumentation. I think one important thing is that subversion is centralized while dvcs are not.

With dvcs everyone got full history of zope libs. I personally find it a big pro for a free software. More over with dvcs someone may fork a product on his side (a branch of his own, not on a zope server) and make it evolve, still having ability to merge updates (and auto merge in dvcs are superior to the one found in subversion).

All I see here is usability not religion ;-)

Now about github, I may say that gitorious.org exists and is free-software and gitosis + gitweb are on most linux distribs and offers same features as today's zope svn. I think the same can be said for hg. But really github/bitbucket is just hosting, it's not like subversion, you got all your data and history at home also, so you can leave github as soon as you want (if you do not use other features).

Finally, moving a subversion repo to git is really easy (and I think it's the same with hg)

Hope this helps.


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