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On Sun, 27 May 2012 20:28:49 -0500 Christopher Lozinski wrote:

> Well this has been bothering me as well, so I am delighted to see this
> thread.
> I started off with the release of ZTFY that includes a ZMI.
> I added in DTML.

What package did you add?

> It could not find the zmi_views.   When I remove those
> lines from ZCML all is happy, except the menu items are not there.

I guess this is a similar issue. There might be other (non-zope.app)
packages around that register stuff for zmi_views menus. These might be
fixed as well.

> I thought maybe zmi_views was renamed.  Guess not based on this thread.

Don't know anything about ztfy, sorry.

> I am stumped.  There is some reason to believe  that ZTFY implemented
> its own ZMI, sure looks the same.  In which case I have to poke around
> in that package to figure out what the menu is called.

Hastily browsing over the sources there seems to be some 'zmi_views'
component registered, but I am not sure it is the menu normally
registered by zope.app.zcmlfiles. You might ask the author.

> But if that is not the case, I have no idea why it cannot find
> zmi_views.  Maybe next I will try adding zope.file to see what happens. 

If you have no zope.app.zcmlfiles installed with ztfy, then you won't
get any additional menu entries installed with a fixed zope.file (when
it is released). But depending on zope.file should not choke your
complete project anymore.

Something bothering me is this cryptic import error that normally shows
up if 'zmi_views' is not available. I then get some 'Could not import
zmi_views from zope.app.menus' message (hope, I remember correctly).
This 'zope.app.menus' seems to be not an egg or similar but an
artificial package (created by zope.browsermenu?). This is confusing.

> I have other things I am working on so I put this on the back burner,
> but interesting to see this thread. 

It's at least interesting to find other non-zope.app packages that
register zmi_views components. I think these could/should be fixed as
well. I would do that, if people tell me what packages there are.

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