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On Tue, 29 May 2012 06:05:57 -0500 Christopher Lozinski wrote:

> On 5/28/12 7:22 AM, Uli Fouquet wrote:
>> It's at least interesting to find other non-zope.app packages that
> register zmi_views components. I think these could/should be fixed as
> well. I would do that, if people tell me what packages there are.
> Here you go.
> zope.app.dtmlpage-3.5.0-py2.6.egg

I'm afraid, this _is_ a zope.app package and IIRC correctly, they can
expect the regular ZMI to exist/be registered.

Unfortunately you can't expect zope.app packages to work out-of-the-box
with newer non-zope.app packages.

To make this package work (i.e. to get the zmi_views menu) you might
include zope.app.zcmlfiles in the files required by your project.

This, however, pulls in a huge bunch of other zope.app-packages often
not compatible with more recent non-zope.app packages (and often not
wanted anyway).

A workaround (avoiding zope.app.zcmlfiles) might be to register such a
'zmi_view' menu in your own project/package's configure.zcml:

  <include package="zope.browsermenu" file="meta.zcml" />
  <include package="zope.browsermenu" />
  <browser:menu id="zmi_views" title="ZMI Views" />
  <browser:menu id="zmi_actions" title="ZMI Actions" />

This would avoid the ImportError concerning 'zmi_views' but not
neccessarily add a menu in your ztfy framework (because it looks like
ztfy comes with its own set of menus). I think it would be best to ask
the ztfy author about this.

Beside this I might ask on zope-dev about 'fixing' also zope.app packages.

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