On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Alex Clark <acl...@aclark.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> FWIW I spoke with Jim on #buildout this a.m. and he decided to revert my
> commit "because people need it".

I didn't revert your commit.  I just brought back the bootstrap
directory (cuz people need it).

I endorse the idea of removing trunk, although, in hindsight, we
should have given
folks a heads up.

> I.e. Some folks rely on trunk/bootstrap
> existing for their builds. While I don't necessarily agree that's a good
> idea, the argument "because people need it" makes 1000x more sense to me
> than "Please revert" with no explanation. Or with a legal explanation I
> don't understand. I apologize to Jens and Tres if I was stubborn about this,
> but I did and still do feel strongly the commit I made was reasonable, and
> not reverting it until we could better understand the circumstances was
> reasonable too.

I guess I missed a discussion.  :) My apologies to everyone who
was inconvenienced.  I gave the OK to clean out the trunk, not thinking
a) about the use of trunk/bootstrap, and b) about advising to give folks
advance notice.

I also committed a foul by unilaterally moving buildout development to
github. This was originally just a fork for buildout 2, but helpers wanted
to move 1 development there too and, well ... helpers. :)
Anyway, the move of buildout to github wasn't a secret.

> To clear up any remaining confusion:
> - In the Plone community, it is quite common to make this type of change to
> indicate active development takes place somewhere else.

This is common (for some definition of common) practice
in the Zope community as well. We did it when we moved
the Zope repo from CVS to svn.

The CVS repo is still around: http://cvs.zope.org/ :)

> We leave tags (and
> branches) in place in case people need them. I did not remove, or move the
> zc.buildout project, nor did I intend to disrupt development in any way. I
> simply wanted to "leave a message" on behalf of the work Jim and Domen were
> doing.


> - Personally, I use an extension called "buildout.bootstrap" to always
> download the latest bootstrap.py file.

That would have been a good time to realize that there might be
more widespread breakage and revert the deletion or bring back the
buildout directory.

> Removing trunk broke my builds, at
> which point I cut a new release of buildout.bootstrap containing the new
> URL:
>    - http://pypi.python.org/pypi/buildout.bootstrap/1.4.2

Well, hopefully, all's well now.

Thanks for helping. (really)


Jim Fulton
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