On 10/01/2013 20:48, Jim Fulton wrote:
It isn't just CI:  people may have projects running from SVN checkouts,
which we break without warning (the Plone devs have been notorious for
causing such breakage for years).

I still think breakage is better.  If they're using trunk, without
pinning a revision, it must be because they want the latest code.
They won't get that from svn.  This is a case where I think it's
better to fail in an obvious way.

Yeah, +1 from me here. If people think they're using trunk, and they're not 'cos its moved to GitHub, that's bad.

FWIW, you may not know that GitHub really does have an svn interface to git repositories on GitHub. They unfortunately announced this on April 1 one year, so I think most people (myself included, until I actually started using it) assume it's a joke.

So, it really is a case of CI tools changing their subversion url, and others doing a svn switch --relocate.



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