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Ross Patterson wrote:
> Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Thanks! Can you please add to the PAS collector so we don't lose the patch:
>>   http://www.zope.org/Collectors/PAS
> Will do.
>> I don't understand the need for this handler, or why your overrides.zcml
>> uses it for IPluginRegistry.  The "normal" handers for PAS plugins are
>> all in PAS itself, and the "normal" one for the registry is in
>> PluginRegsitry.
> As I understand it, the PAS setup handlers expect the setup tool to be
> located *inside* the acl_users folder.  I taks this from the fact that
> the setup handlers get the adapter that does the actual importing and
> exporting with an adapter for context.getSite().
> I wanted to be able to do PAS configuration in a setuphandler executed
> inside a setup tool for a CMF *portal* for the acl_users folder
> *subobject* of that portal.  As such I adapt
> getToolByName(context.getSite(), 'acl_users').
> Is this incorrect?

Hmm, I guess I normally just have the PAS dumped as part of the
"structure" of the site, where the normal handlers get used on the PAS
as a subobject.

If you want the PAS to go into a different part of the profile, then the
"structure" dump needs to exclude it, and your handlers would work fine.
 However, still don't see why your overrides.zcml registers the handler
for the IPluginRegistry.  Including your export / import handers as
steps should do the trick, without the funky override.

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