Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Ross Patterson wrote:
>> Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> Thanks! Can you please add to the PAS collector so we don't lose the patch:
>> Will do.
>>> I don't understand the need for this handler, or why your overrides.zcml
>>> uses it for IPluginRegistry.  The "normal" handers for PAS plugins are
>>> all in PAS itself, and the "normal" one for the registry is in
>>> PluginRegsitry.
>> As I understand it, the PAS setup handlers expect the setup tool to be
>> located *inside* the acl_users folder.  I taks this from the fact that
>> the setup handlers get the adapter that does the actual importing and
>> exporting with an adapter for context.getSite().
>> I wanted to be able to do PAS configuration in a setuphandler executed
>> inside a setup tool for a CMF *portal* for the acl_users folder
>> *subobject* of that portal.  As such I adapt
>> getToolByName(context.getSite(), 'acl_users').
>> Is this incorrect?
> Hmm, I guess I normally just have the PAS dumped as part of the
> "structure" of the site, where the normal handlers get used on the PAS
> as a subobject.
> If you want the PAS to go into a different part of the profile, then the
> "structure" dump needs to exclude it, and your handlers would work fine.
>  However, still don't see why your overrides.zcml registers the handler
> for the IPluginRegistry.  Including your export / import handers as
> steps should do the trick, without the funky override.

Just to make sure I'm hearing this correctly, you'd put it in
something like profile/default/structure/acl_users/pluginregistry.xml?


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