Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  $ find structure/acl_users
>  structure/acl_users
>  structure/acl_users/.objects
>  structure/acl_users/pluginregistry.xml
>  structure/acl_users/chooser.xml
>  structure/acl_users/sniffer.xml
>  structure/acl_users/credentials_cookie_auth.xml
>  structure/acl_users/credentials_basic_auth.xml
>  structure/acl_users/source_users.xml
>  structure/acl_users/portal_role_manager.xml
>  structure/acl_users/local_roles.xml
>  structure/acl_users/source_groups.xml

Thanks!  That's all I needed.  Please disregard.

>  However, still don't see why your overrides.zcml registers the handler
> for the IPluginRegistry.  Including your export / import handers as

I still need to make sure that my patched version the IPluginRegistry
setup adapter is used to address the problem with duplicates.  At
least until (if?) my patch gets applied.


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