Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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On 6 May 2007, at 05:12, Miles wrote:

-1, we can not change semantics of existing interfaces.

I agree with this.  Though the restriction is not documented  anywhere: I
am happy to add some explanatory notes though.

It does not need to be documented because that is a generally accepted rune, not something specific to this project. Interfaces should not change out of the blue. If a change must be made there are mechanisms (deprecation warnings, etc) that can be used to tell people about impending changes, and they're usually employed for 2 releases.

Sorry, my mail wasn't very clear.

I meant the "the first IUserAdder plugin to return True vetoes further plugins" restriction (which isn't documented - I was suggesting adding a note about it) and not the "changing semantics of interfaces out of the blue is not allowed" restriction (which is documented in mailing lists and other places).


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