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(PAS stuff is OT for the CMF list.  Please follow up on zope-pas@zope.org
or the equivalent Gmane newsgroup).

Thanks, will do.

I would prefer to have the case insensitivity be a configurable option of
the plugin (in which case it would always lowercase the login when the
user was created or updates, as well as before comparing).

A bit more specifically you need to define a canonical spelling of a login name 
and a way to convert
> a login name to the canonical version which was applied at every point a login name is passed in via > the PAS API. lower() would then be a possible transformation to get such a canonical spelling. > It might make sense to do that in PAS so you don't have to duplicate that in all PAS plugins.


I have started a branch for this:

The only commit message I did so far should be pretty clear:

Add possibility to transform the login name.

The BasePlugin now has a property 'login_transform' and a method 'applyTransform'. In proper places, plugins can call 'login_name = self.applyTransform(login_name)'. When 'login_transform' is 'lower', this method will return 'self.lower(login_name)'. Care is taken to not fail when the method does not exist. The original login_name
is then returned.
A use case is to transform all login names to lowercase if you want to use the email
address as login name in Plone.
The ZODBUserManager and CookieAuthHelper plugins use this now,
though it is not strictly needed for the last one.
More may follow.

It has extra tests and they pass. I will have a look at which other plugins may need this.

Wichert, you seem to suggest adding this in the main acl_users object. With my current implementation it is probably best to keep this an option in each plugin, with the base code (property and method) available in the BasePlugin class.

For example, if you have an LDAP plugin, you probably do not want to transform the logins there, though I am not sure if LDAP/AD servers are normally case sensitive. In that case it would also be best to not transform the login in the extractCredentials plugin, otherwise someone with an upper or mixed case login name in LDAP would not be able to login. For the ZODBUserManager it does not really matter if the passed credentials have already been transformed or not.

I will have more to do and check before it is ready for merging, but does this look good so far?

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