Hello again,

Okay, I am done with all the changes that I think are needed. The branch is ready for review and if accepted I can merge it:

Summary of changes:

- Added login_transform string property to PAS.

- Added applyTransform method to PAS, which looks for a method on PAS with the name specified in the login_transform property.

- Added two possible transforms to PAS: lower and upper.

- Changed the methods of PAS to call applyTransform wherever needed.

- Added the existing updateUser method of ZODBUserManager to the IUserEnumerationPlugin interface.

- Added a new updateEveryLoginName method to ZODBUserManager and the IUserEnumerationPlugin interface.

- Added three methods to PAS and IPluggableAuthService: updateLoginName, updateOwnLoginName, updateAllLoginNames. These methods call updateUser or updateEveryLoginName on every IUserEnumerationPlugin. Since these are later additions to the plugin interface, we log a warning when a plugin does not have these methods (for example the mutable_properties plugin of PlonePAS, though I will update that one) but will not fail. When no plugin is able to update a user, this will raise an exception: we do not want to quietly let this pass when for example a login name is already taken by another user.

- Changing the login_transform property in the ZMI will call PAS.updateAllLoginNames. If login_transform is the same or has become an empty string, we do not do anything.

- Updated and added tests. All pass: "Total: 519 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors in 0.868 seconds."

- The new login_transform property is empty by default. In that case, the behavior of PAS is the same as it currently is. The various applyTransform calls will have a (presumably very small) performance impact.

Please tell me what you think.


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