Hi Dick,

Dick Madden wrote:
>    Yes, this is a very quiet list. I managed to get pyperl running on
> Debian and gentoo ok. I left a note in Jan 2005 section of the list.

Yes, I saw your post when reading all old posts.

> You'll notice I gave up on building a threaded version.

As far as I can tell my Perl and Python version are threaded. As the
test suite doesn't pass I can't really say if everything is working.
Some very simple examples are okay though.

> Sounds like you got farther than I did for threaded.

I used Jeff's patch for FreeBSD (April 2005) because it was much
smaller than James' (I think James did reformat parts of the code
which increased patch size).

> Did you try using the ActiveState versions of python/perl? I didn't.

Neither did I. I used Fedora Perl 5.8.3 and Fedora Python 2.3.?.


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