Well since you ask..

I fear that they sound like the usual style of A. Jung's School of Hard Knocks For Newbies. No offense intended Andreas.

Those are valuable goals but we should pursue them in a way that does not drive away even one would-be contributor. I've found myself in that category on many projects, and it's not fun to have your good will squashed instead of channeled constructively. It's the Zope community's loss when that happens. People go where they're treated with respect. I think it's up to the Zope community to make it's tools and communications and parsing of feedback more efficient - not up to the rest of the world to become top-percentile developers before we will allow them to offer a frickin bug report!

The clearest up-front communication of current procedures and policy, whatever they are, is absolutely a great low-cost high-impact move and I'm glad Clemens was persistent enough to propose and drive it.

who seems to have to opinions on this..

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