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Well since you ask..

I fear that they sound like the usual style of A. Jung's School of Hard
Knocks For Newbies. No offense intended Andreas.

Other projects are similar. Go to the Mozilla/Firefox bugzilla instance. First they tell you to search if your issue isn't already in the bugtracker. Then you fill out a form where you need to clearly describe your problem
and fill out point 1,2,3... to reproduce the problem. So people should
use their brain before posting "something"...also newbies can and do post valuable bug reports. We are talking about a certain group of users that has some certain expectations about the bug tracker is and that have no idea *how* report properly. For my own projects I have a similar "bug reporting guideline"...and usually most users are really able to posting something reasonable after pointing them to the guidelines..call it "how to educate
users to report bugs"...I think there is nothing offending here..

For scaling I would consider it absolutely necessary to have specific rules. If the collector is some free-for-all where anyone can dump stuff in unstructured ways then it will become completely useless.

On the one hand the goal is to be all-inclusive, to shift the burden from the bug reporter to the problem solver. I think that's short- sighted. Please keep in mind that the problem solvers themselves are volunteers. Newbies could be turned away by rules that put more of a burden on them, but at the same time experienced developers can be turned away by being forced to consider any and all posting to the collector equally, be it a reasonable bug report or not.

There's two sides to this issue, not just "please don't beat the poor newbies".


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