Uhm? This is completely unrelated, but is that committers list
supposed to be complete? I signed and sent in my stuff together with
Florent, but he is not there, and I'm not...

On 8/24/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi there,

In a somewhat parallel effort Zeomega has been helping us on getting a
basic site up and running. I'm anxious to integrate this parallel effort
into the main effort.

The rough draft version of the foundation side made by Zeomega is based
on the Apache Foundation site. It's here:


I think to look at another foundation's site structure is a great idea.
This should be helpful in fleshing out the structure of the foundation site.

Obviously a lot of work needs to be done, both on the layout and
content. The plans for those efforts I've already sketched out to the
list. I think of the main things we can take home from this is the
structure. Sathya, Zeomega's contact, also got the membership lists,
which should prove useful. :)

I've asked Sathya to join this list so we can have discuss matters here.
Sathya's looking for feedback, so please go ahead!


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