foundation web team wrote:
This is concering the new zope foundation site draft ....

we are focusing only  structure NOT content.

Obviously structure and content (as well as good presentation) are all important. We can't really set up a good structure if we don't think about the content, too, right?

we are using properties to store memberships and will complete the list based on what jim gave us sometime ago (so its not a complete list)

we are not going to create any software .

I think this is responding to my earlier, private feedback, where I was worried that a property on a page template was used to maintain the membership list, along with a python script in the ZODB. My suggestion is not to worry too much about the presentation of this list right now, and not worrying about the way it's stored. I don't think it's the most important problem we need to solve in the construction of the foundation website.

If you all have any feedback on structure please let us know.

Did you read my structure mail that I sent to this list previously? It's not feedback directly, but it discusses structure. I've just forwarded it to you; I'm not sure I did before.


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