Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

New "Foundation" page. Try the nav. Only tested on Firefox/Mac so far.

Looks nice. Some comments:

* I get text flowing into each other in the sidebar. "About The Foundation" overlaps whatever is on the next line, with the word "Foundation" on the next line. There's another such instance lower down, where it says "Foundation..Projects?" (can't read).

This is on firefox 1.5 on linux.

Here's my feedback. Some of it is echoing Chris' feedback except I am being more constructive about it. Please don't give up! My main aim is to try to get some aspects of what I liked in version 3, which I think is good for a homepage design, into the sub-page design.

* I think it would be nicer with the margins somewhat smaller. I also liked version 3's smaller marging and background color. You changed the texture here but with a small marging I like the other.

* It would be nice to have optional sidebar boxes on the right, like they are in design 3. Could you create a page with such a box in it?

* I think a list of links on the top, layouted much like the menu in version 3, but without dropdowns, would be useful to have. We could use it to navigate between major sections on a site.

* I'm wondering whether we can do something slightly more exciting with the colors of the navigation sidebar on the left. I liked the use of blue in version 3, but now the blue has mostly gone into the margins. More functional blue, perhaps?


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