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Hi there,

I believe with our recent DNS adjustments we *might* be able to make
planet.zope.org in fact *be* planet.zope.org, and not just a redirect to

Keep in mind the DNS will not stabilize until at least end of week.
This reminds me to nag Rob to update the zope.org registrar today.

What steps would need to be taken to make this possible? By itself not
an interesting task, but it's a good test case if we want to expose
other things like, say, wiki.zope.org or trac.zope.org in the future.

So, we want to expose http://www.zope.org/Planet as http://planet.zope.org/ ?

We can always proxy a rewrite to the existing page, but this will make
the navigation a little bit awkward.  It's a start, I suppose.

BTW, what code is behind the Zope Planet?  It looks like it is running
in the zope.org site, not as something external like PlanetPlanet.

(note that I still don't seem to have any volunteers who *actually* have
access to the zope.org apache. This means signing a special ZC agreement
that's not the contributor's agreement for entering their hosting
environment. All this is temporary as we continue to look for ways to
move gradually off that brittle setup)

Yeah I'll get with rob on this agreement as well..



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