I'm talking to Rob right now in IM - and he's checking into it, as I'm
trying to assist with the Apache setup to get the foundation site up.


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> On 9 Oct 2006, at 09:59, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> (note that I still don't seem to have any volunteers who *actually*
>> have access to the zope.org apache. This means signing a special ZC
>> agreement that's not the contributor's agreement for entering their
>> hosting environment. All this is temporary as we continue to look
>> for ways to move gradually off that brittle setup)
> It's more complicated then that. I exchanged a few emails with Jim
> this morning regarding an unrelated sysadmin issue on cvs.zope.org
> and apparently the policy has changed: Even signing the agreements
> (which I did back in 2004) don't get you the level of access required
> to make changes as root (like would be needed for Apache) anymore.
> Only he or probably other ZC personnel can now perform root-level
> access tasks.
> jens
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