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Justizin wrote:
> I hope you all curl up and die.  I'm going to use TurboGears, since
> apparently noone in the Zope community will fucking talk to me
> anymore.

I'm sure you will be sorely missed ;-)

Seriously, you seemed like a well meaning, fairly clued up, if slightly
arrogant guy when you offered to help, but these tirades of abuse are
making you look like a clown - and I should know; Google can testify to
several of my own clownish tirades...

I am the one being abused here.  I offered over 20 hours of my time as
a volunteer and in exchange my name has been drug through the mud.


Arrogant?  It's easy to call anyone arrogant who says:

 "Please, trust me, I know what I'm talking about, we should be
careful to avoid a problem."

The fact is that you guys are continually accusing me of making a
mistake that was not really part of the problem.  You want a
post-mortem?  here it is:


Justin, good luck with TurboGears, I hope none too many of your
customers stumble across your postings here...

My customers work with me because of my track record.  They seek my
sort of help.

Heck, at my age, I could just go join a fucking band instead of
spending most of my time volunteering to work with open-source
software on behalf of non-profit foundations.

I'll probably show this discussion to some of my customers when they
ask me to rush on something.  I am not afraid to be myself.

Whatever, dude.  This is the most disgusting display I've ever seen to
someone who has volunteered to help with something complex.

You can all rot in hell and die.  I hope my customers will see that,
while I went out of my way to help a community which we depend on, I
did not hang onto this responsibility so tightly that I will let their
projects fall on the floor.

In fact, I will talk to the Association for Computing Machinery IS
team about this entire incident as an example of a community who needs
our resources, but will never accept them.

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ACM SIGGRAPH SysMgr, Reporter
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