Andrew Sawyers wrote:
> See:
> This is using Darryl's magic.  It was painful to get such a beast of RH 9
> working (with 2 arms tied behind my back) but we did it.  Thanks Darryl and
> David from ZC.
> I will need to speak with someone about getting the necessary pieces from
> Darryl's end into svn so we can have the whole ball of wax in svn.
> Andrew Sawyers
cool :)
Until someone answers Baiju about a place to report issues,

I'd like to give a feedback about the menu

from this page:

looking at the menu, I think that it will be more readable if we change
all labels
from "members"  submenu

Zope Foundation Strategic Developer Members -> Strategic Developer Members
Zope Foundation Associate Members -> Associate Members

We all know it's the members list for ZF so we can cut the ZF header I
to get a lighter, more readable menu, with one line entries


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