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when necessary. (How hard would it be to authenticated against via ldap ?)

The LDAP server is on the private network inside the "cluster" and not reachable by the outside world, so as of right now that's not possible.

If we continue down the path of microsites the issue of shared authentication will become more and more urgent.

If LDAP is still an option (I know quite a few people don't like it because they perceive it as complicated or hard to wrap ones brain around) the first step would be to set up a central LDAP server instance that can be reached over the internet by the different microsites. This can be bootstrapped with a data export from the old server, not a big issue. There might be an issue with latency if the geographically widely dispersed microsites don't have excellent network connectivity towards that central LDAP server, which in turn can be solved by LDAP slaves closer to the microsite host.


I don't like using ldap unless there is a good reason to do so,
but it's use here certainly seems justified -- especially if
someone with the requisite expertise is involved. :)


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