Chris Withers wrote:
Is it going to move to the great new style that's been used for the Zope 3 wiki?

Chris - I have several thoughts on that which I wanted to air -

I took some time to get used to the new skin. I like it a lot - great work Kevin (and Tom).

(In fact I'd like to include a generic version in Zwiki as a wiki template - are the authors ok with this ? I will make it as different as you think necessary to avoid confusion with the zope wikis.)

I'm also quite fond of the basic Zwiki skin, which is adapted to my needs. For jumping around between many wikis, many pages, and doing serious wiki gardening, I find it less distracting, also the page hierarchy is clearer. For some people it will also be faster. So I wanted to leave it in place for at least a few days to give people a chance to see how it works for browsing these wikis.

I also like that big Zope planet floating in the background of the zope2 wiki. The sense of wide-open spaciousness. And I like that it's visually distinct from the zope3 wiki, so you know at a glance where you are.

I have been guessing the consensus will be to use the new skin across all the wikis, though. But I think we definitely need some way to differentiate them.

Just now, motivated by Martijn's talk at DZUG (recommended!) I started to move the templates from /zope3 up to the root folder, then I realized the skin has zope3 wiki stuff hard-coded. So some more work is needed before the skin can be reused. Kevin, I wonder what your thoughts/plans are (feel free to try them out).

Comments ?


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