I did a spot of work on the new Z3 wiki skin while at the Plone sprint in Seattle this weekend. I pulled ratingform.pt and RecentChanges.dtml into the Z3 wiki so that I could make the skin more XHTML compliant.

There are some Z3 hard-coded bits in the skin, such as the Zope.org and Z3 dev wiki home links. If Simon wants to make the skin a little more generic that's OK by me.

For the Zope 2 wiki if we want to keep the big Zope planet skin I'm also fine with that. I would recommend adding something like line- height: 1.3em; to the body tag in the CSS file as some of the text tends to get crunched up a bit on the wiki.

I may still do a little more skin work on the Z3 skin, it would be nice to skin the comments section, but that looks like it would require writting a fair bit of code.

I'm now +1 on removing the ratings from the Z3 skin. While I like the look of the stars, the ratings themselves to be rather confusing. Is a user rating the editorial quality of the content or the technical ideas behind the content? Finally ratings on pages with proposals are even more confusing as there the ratings could be taken to mean as votes for the direction of Zope 3.

- Kevin

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